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Software Startup Mentorship Program

🚀 Get your software startup started and launched with confidence!

⭐️ Receive world-class guidance to get it right from the start.

💰 Save tens of thousands by avoiding the biggest startup pitfalls.

This 12-week program includes:

  • Weekly 1:1 advisory sessions to meet your specific needs

  • Weekly group coaching with experts and other founders on the same journey as you

  • Lifetime access to over 50 training videos covering all aspects of getting to launch.

  • Lifetime access to 40 document templates to help you get your documents right first time

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    What are the benefits?

  • Product-market-fit: This program starts you on your product-market-fit journey, guiding you through all the research and analysis you need to do into your potential market and competitors. You will be have conversations with potential customers to understand the problem and you solution and start gaining traction.

  • Co-founder(s): If you want or need one or more co-founder, the program will show you how to do this properly - ensuring you engage the co-founder(s) that are exactly right for you.

  • Funding: Decide on your funding strategy and implement this - including starting to identify and build relationships with potential investors and preparing your pitch deck and pitch.

  • Business setup: Get your actual business setup - including all the tools you need. Find out how to get legal advice specific to your needs so your business and software is ready to be fully compliant.

  • Prototype: Follow the exact process, step-by-step to understand your requirements, create your wireframes and build a prototype which can show investors and potential customers your vision.

  • Development team: Decide on your strategy and implement this to get a team in place (in-house or outsource) to design, build, test and launch your software.

  • 1:1 advice & group coaching: Each week, you'll have 1:1 advice to cover your exact needs in confidence. You'll also have access to group coaching where you can benefit from the experiences of other founders in your situation to support you with any questions or hurdles you have, helping you move forward and succeed as a founder, giving you the help, knowledge and confidence that you need to launch and grow your startup.

  • Program created and run by

    Stuart Prestedge

    Stuart has 35+ years of experience creating 8 software startups with 21 products (11 million users) and 3 exits (8-figures). Through advising, mentoring and coaching, Stuart has helped many other founders create their own startups (7-figures of investment secured).

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    The Software Startup Mentorship Program will help you get your software startup started properly, all the necessary foundations laid and progress you towards your successful launch. If you just have an idea or you've made a start already, it will ensure you take all necessary steps, helping you move towards being funding- and launch-ready quickly, potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars in mis-steps and wrong turns.


    • Anyone with an idea who wants to create a software startup or has already started creating their startup

    • No prior experience creating startups is required

    • You just need the desire to succeed!


    Here's what people are saying

    Alex Buick

    Alex Buick



    “I'm a non-technical founder and this program encapsulates Stuart’s 30 years of technical knowledge. I love how it takes you through step-by-step covering everything that's needed. It’s incredibly useful and made me feel like I'm in control - I could see the roadmap ahead of me. It enabled me to work in an organised fashion, making sure nothing was missed out. If I hadn't done this, I wouldn't be where I am today with my startup. I could've had lots of problems on the way and I think this has saved me a lot of money. I would definitely recommend it! My advice: think about what you are planning to create and use this program to do it.

    Chris Cragg

    Chris Cragg


    Formation Games

    “We utterly relied on the information in this program to convert our ideas into requirements documentation and a fully functioning platform. We were nervous about project delay and product documentation. The efficiency of the process delighted us - producing high quality documentation. This allowed us to pivot to a second product with both investor, customer and team confidence. Building platforms from scratch is hard. Fun comes from seeing ideas manifest quickly and consistently. I recommended the program without exception.

    Anne Stephens

    Anne Stephens


    Data analytics startup

    “Our data start-up spin-off, has become a better proposition for investors due to his expert due diligence and advice regarding the tech stack. Stuart is the epitome of a professional – exuding knowledge, expertise and common sense in equal measure and taking a personal interest in the outcome of his recommendations. Consider yourself lucky if you are fortunate enough to engage his time on your program!