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Pre-Seed Startup Funding Program

Affiliate Referral Scheme

Official Partner

⭐️ Help software startups to get pre-seed funding!

💰 And earn money doing it!


  • No cost. No obligations. Refer software startup founders as little or often as you like*.

  • Up to $1,900 paid out for each referred startup/founder.

  • Up to $1,500 paid out for each referred investor.

  • Referring is quick and easy.

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    About the Affiliate Referral Scheme for Official Partners

  • Get 10% of the entry fee: Receive up to $900 of the program entry fee for each referred founder that joins.

  • Get 10% of the pre-pre-seed funding: Receive up to $1,000 of any pre-pre-seed funding obtained.

  • Get additional 5% of the pre-pre-seed funding: Receive up to $500 of the pre-pre-seed funding obtained for the first 3 pre-pre-seed investments made by investors that you refer to the program who become a registered investor.

  • Preferred provider: If you are a registered program service provider, your services will be the first option of the referred founder**.

  • No cost: There is no cost to joining the scheme.

  • No obligations: You can refer founders and investors as little or as often as you like.

  • About the Pre-Seed Startup Funding Program

  • Low cost: Founders pay as little as $600 to join.

  • Pre-pre-seed™️ funding round: We do business setup, thorough market research, founder credibility and create and submit a pre-pre-seed™️ pitch deck.

  • Prototype: After the pre-pre-seed™️ funding is obtained, a prototype is created. This is used to gain more potential customers and to show to potential investors.

  • Go-to-market strategy & plan: A preliminary go-to-market strategy and plan is created to give clear plan of action and costings.

  • Development preparation: The development strategy is decided and costings and timings are obtained.

  • Pre-seed funding: A pre-seed pitch deck and pitch is created and submitted to investors.

  • Advice, mentoring & coaching: Founders get comprehensive guidance through the program. With 1:1 and group sessions, they benefit from the experience of myself and others to support them with any questions or hurdles they have, helping them move forward and succeed as a founder, giving them the help, knowledge and confidence that they need.

  • Program created and run by

    Stuart Prestedge

    Stuart has 35+ years of experience creating 8 software startups with 22 products (11 million users) and 3 exits (8-figures). Through advising and mentoring, Stuart has helped many other founders create their own startups (7-figures of investment secured).

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    * To become and remain an official partner, you must make at least one successful referral every 3 months.

    ** Your services will be the first option for referred founders only where appropriate for the founder.