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Pre-Seed Startup Funding Program

🚀 With a good idea, you can get funding!

⭐️ World-class guidance to get it right from the start.

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What are the benefits?

  • Foundation review: We will check that your market research, founder credibility, prototype and go-to-market strategy are strong enough to showcase to investors.

  • Pitch deck: We will create or update your pitch deck, with unlimited reviews to ensure it clearly showcases you, your business and the opportunity for investors.

  • Pitch video: If you choose, we will help you craft and produce a pitch video, allowing investors to get to know you better to start building a strong relationship.

  • Outreach strategy / messaging: We will tailor the strategy and messaging to make the best first impression to the right investors.

  • Investor outreach: Identify and engage with the right investors to maximise your chances of finding the right fit for all parties.

  • Pitch coaching: We will work on your pitch to ensure that you can seamlessly articulate the opportunity and value and answer any questions.

  • Feedback incorporation: With unlimited reviews of your pitch deck, pitch video, messaging and outreach strategy, we incorporate any feedback to make continual improvements and work together until you secure funding.

  • Program created and run by

    Stuart Prestedge

    Stuart has 35+ years of experience creating 8 software startups with 22 products (11 million users) and 3 exits (8-figures). Through advising and mentoring, Stuart has helped many other founders create and fund their own startups (7-figures of investment secured).

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    The Pre-Seed Startup Funding Program will help you get pre-seed funding for your software startup. If you're pitch-ready, I will guide you through your pre-seed round to maximise your chances of securing investment.


    • Market research to a good level.

    • Go-to-market strategy at least drafted.

    • Prototype not needed but is beneficial.

    • Entry subject to a vetting process.

    • No existing pitch deck required.

    • No prior experience creating startups is required.

    • You just need the desire to succeed!

    What My Clients Say About Me

    These are just some of my clients that I've helped.

    Working with Stuart is an exhilarating experience...he is passionate about the entrepreneur and venture...you really understand he is there to help...I would really recommend working with Stuart because you'll not be disappointed.

    I'm a non-technical founder and this program encapsulates Stuart’s 35 years of technical knowledge. I love how it takes you through step-by-step covering everything that's needed. It’s incredibly useful and made me feel like I'm in control - I could see the roadmap ahead of me. It enabled me to work in an organised fashion, making sure nothing was missed out. If I hadn't done this, I wouldn't be where I am today with my startup. I would definitely recommend it!

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