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Pre-Seed Startup Funding Program

🚀 With a good idea, you can get funding!

⭐️ World-class guidance to get it right from the start.

💰 Call today to find out if you're eligible.

What are the benefits?

  • Business setup: Get your actual business setup - including all the tools you need. Find out how to get legal advice specific to your needs so your business and software is ready to be fully compliant.

  • Market research: I guide you to perform a thorough market research which is critical for your success.

  • Founder credibility: We uncover and define your mission, story, passion and why which are fundamental to giving investors the confidence they need.

  • Prototype: Follow the exact process, step-by-step to understand your requirements, create your wireframes and build a prototype which is used to get traction and pre-seed investment.

  • Development team: Decide on your strategy and get costings needed for pre-seed investment.

  • Go-to-market strategy & plan: A full GTM plan which is required for successful pre-seed funding.

  • Advice, mentoring & coaching: 1:1 and group sessions to guide you through the program. You'll benefit from the experiences of myself and other founders in your situation to support you with any questions or hurdles you have, helping you move forward and succeed as a founder, giving you the help, knowledge and confidence that you need.

  • Program created and run by

    Stuart Prestedge

    Stuart has 35+ years of experience creating 8 software startups with 22 products (11 million users) and 3 exits (8-figures). Through advising and mentoring, Stuart has helped many other founders create their own startups (7-figures of investment secured).

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    The Pre-Seed Startup Funding Program will help you get pre-seed funding for your software startup. If you just have an idea or you've made a start already, I will guide you through your business setup, market research, founder credibility, prototype, go-to-market strategy and pre-seed round.


    • Anyone with a good idea who wants to create a software startup or has already started creating their startup (subject to vetting process).

    • No prior experience creating startups is required.

    • You just need the desire to succeed!