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Stuart Prestedge

Instructor / Coach

Stuart Prestedge

Stuart has over 30 years of experience creating and exiting software startups for multi-million dollars. He has helped many other founders create their own apps and startups. In this webinar he will show you the exact steps that he has taken to create successful startups.

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What Will You Learn In This Free Training?

Startup & Setup

The decisions you need to make, research you need to do and actions you need to take to get your software startup off the ground.

Product Design

The steps needed to turn your app idea into requirements and designs - and you don't need to pay someone to do this!


How to get your app/software built and tested and how to take your product to market so that you can start selling it.

What People Are Saying

Alex Buick

"...encapsulates Stuart’s 30 years of technical knowledge..." 

"I love how it takes you through step-by-step covering everything that's needed. It’s incredibly useful and made me feel like I'm in control - I could see the roadmap ahead of me. It enabled me to work in an organised fashion, making sure nothing was missed out. If I hadn't done this, I wouldn't be where I am today with my startup. I could've had lots of problems on the way and I think this has saved me a lot of money. I would definitely recommend him! My advice: think about what you are planning to create and use the S5 Methodology!"

Chris Cragg

"We utterly relied on it..."

"...to convert our ideas into requirements documentation and a fully functioning platform. We were nervous about project delay and product documentation. The efficiency of the S5 process delighted us - producing high quality documentation. This allowed us to pivot to a second product with both investor, customer and team confidence. Building platforms from scratch is hard. Fun comes from seeing ideas manifest quickly and consistently. I recommended the process without exception."

Anne Stephens

"We have been so fortunate to have Stuart..."

"Our data start-up spin-off, has become a better proposition for investors due to his expert due diligence and advice regarding the tech stack. Stuart is the epitome of a professional – exuding knowledge, expertise and common sense in equal measure and taking a personal interest in the outcome of his recommendations. Consider yourself lucky if you are fortunate enough to engage his time on your program!"

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