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Software Startup - Getting Started Course

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What Will You Learn In The Course

  • Sound Preparation

  • The 10 topics in this module will help you to make the important decisions, research, plan and start taking the first steps to setup your software startup.

    This module includes your funding strategy, whether to work with co-founders, market research, competitive analysis, elevator pitch, business basics and more.

  • Structured Documentation

  • The 13 topics in this module take you through everything you need to create your requirements document. This is the foundation of your software product and is used for many purposes such as helping get investment, building/finding the right development team, designs, testing and more. Having a requirements document keeps your cost and time down and your quality high.

    This module includes your brain dump, document register, question register, user stores, milestones, platforms and more, as well as a comprehensive tutorial on creation your requirements document.

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